Online Booking Terms

Online Booking Terms 

DATE ADDED: 10/05/2020

Booking terms can now be set and can be required to be agreed to in order for clients to book online. This option allows your business to write and communicate terms to clients and require acceptance of these terms to finalize their online booking. The Terms Page is its own page in the online booking process after a date is selected. If this setting is enabled, the client ID, date, time, and IP address of the person accepting the terms will be recorded and saved in Envision Cloud. Clients will have to reaccept the terms every time they book an appointment online. Salon booking/gift card sites will have a link to “Terms and Conditions” so clients can review on future visits. Terms can also be printed from the client profile. 

  • Company Settings > Online Booking > Custom Text 


  • Client > CLient List > Select a client > Print Terms 


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