Client Profile for Employees

Client Profile for Employees

DATE ADDED: 10/05/2020

The new Create Client Record button under an employee profile allows employees to have client profiles created for them to use services at your business. A mirror record will be created for the employee on the Client List. This feature makes employee purchase history, formulas, and more accessible in Envision Cloud and still connected to their employee status allowing them to get employee pricing. Note that a Client Record manually created for an employee will not be recognized by the system as an Employee’s Client Record. It must be created via the Create Client Record button. Note that deleting and purging Client Records of employees will not affect the employee record – only the counterpart Client Record for that employee. When either the client or employee record has an updated name, phone number, address, or email, both records auto-update with the most current demographic information.  

  • Employee > Employee List > Select an employee > Create Client Record 


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