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New Prepaid Reports

Moved Gift Card List Report 

New Prepaid Reports 

DATE ADDED: 08/10/2020

We've debuted a whole section of reports! Prepaids can be tracked using the new Gift Cards/Prepaid Reports section! This section collectively shows what clients have already paid for and have left to redeemThese new reports will make prepaid products easier to look up and track, by placing all the key info in one place. Let's go over some of these new reports!

  • The Prepaid Products - Outstanding Report is a report that displays a list of prepaid products currently outstanding, meaning not expired or there is a quantity remaining. 
    • Reports >  Gift Cards/Prepaid Reports > Prepaid Products - Outstanding 


  • The Prepaid Products - Sales/Awarded Report displays the date the prepaid was sold or added to the system!
    • Reports > Gift Cards/Prepaid Reports > Prepaid Products - Sales/Awarded 


  • The Prepaid Products - Used Report displays a list of used prepaid products as they were used. 
    • Reports > Gift Cards/Prepaid Reports > Prepaid Products - Used


Moved Gift Card List Report 

DATE ADDED: 08/10/2020

  • The Gift Card List Report has found a new home in the Gift Cards/Prepaid Reports section! It's the same report you know and love, just grouped with the Prepaid Reports rather than the Sales Reports! 
    • Reports > Gift Cards/Prepaid Reports > Gift Card List 


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