Improvements to Reports, Security & More!

Reports are an integral part of many businesses, and we are always working to improve the reporting capabilities of Envision Cloud for all of our users! We also understand the importance of keeping your data safe so we've also improved password security. Thank you for providing feedback via the Community Site that allows our team to create software that is directly influenced by the needs of our users! We're very excited to present these new updates!

Appointments by Group Report     Improved Password Security        Enhanced Schedule Printing         Pet Names on Reports      Pet Name Merge Field       New Prepaid Reports       Moved Gift Card List Report

Appointments by Group Report (Preferred & Ultimate)

  • The new Appointments by Group report allows you to view information about a group's appointments. Having the ability to pull and print this report can make it easier for your staff to be prepared for larger parties coming into your business. This feature is ideal for birthdays, wedding parties, and more! 
    • Reports > Appointment Reports > Appointments by Group 


Improved Password Security 

  • The requirements for an Envision Cloud password have changed! We now require passwords to be at least 8 characters long and no more than 16 characters. Passwords must also contain three of the following: 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter, 1 number, and/or 1 of the special characters in the screenshot below. These changes have been implemented to ensure your account has a strong password and is secure! If your password does not meet these requirements, you may be prompted to change your password upon attempting to login. 


Enhanced Schedule Printing 

  • When printing the schedule from the Appointment Schedule,  we've made enhancements to make it easier to select All or Single employees, and the print format is easier to read for those printing all employees.  This update will make accessing and printing the schedule more convenient so your employees can always be in the loop. 
    • Schedule > Appointments > Right-click on the schedule > Print Schedule 


Pet Names on Reports (Paws)

  • For our Pet Groomers using the Paws Edition of Envision Cloud, we've added the Pet Names to multiple reports! Pet names now appear on multiple Appointment Reports and all Sales by Reports (Sales by Comparison Not Included). This will make it much easier for your business to interpret reports by pets, rather than their owners!  
    • Reports > Sales Reports > All Sales By Reports (Sales by Comparison Not Included)
    • Reports > Appointment Reports >
      • Appointment Type by Client
      • Appointment Type by Employee
      • Appointments by Client
      • Appointments by Date Range 
      • Appointments by Employee
      • Appointments by Group
      • Daily Appointment List
      • No Show Appointment 


Pet Name Merge Field (Paws)

  • Pet grooming appointment confirmations can now include pet names utilizing the Pet Name Merge Field for SMS/Email confirmations. If someone has multiple pets going on the same day both names will be displayed. This feature is perfect for clients with multiple pets who may not always bring them on the same day. Using this merge field can clear up any confusion around which pet is being serviced! 
    • Company Settings > Appt Reminder > Pet Name 


New Prepaid Reports 

We've debuted a whole section of reports! Prepaids can be tracked using the new Gift Cards/Prepaid Reports section! This section collectively shows what clients have already paid for and have left to redeemThese new reports will make prepaid products easier to look up and track, by placing all the key info in one place. Let's go over some of these new reports!

  • The Prepaid Products - Outstanding Report is a report that displays a list of prepaid products currently outstanding, meaning not expired or there is a quantity remaining. 
    • Reports >  Gift Cards/Prepaid Reports > Prepaid Products - Outstanding 


  • The Prepaid Products - Sales/Awarded Report displays the date the prepaid was sold or added to the system!
    • Reports > Gift Cards/Prepaid Reports > Prepaid Products - Sales/Awarded 


  • The Prepaid Products - Used Report displays a list of used prepaid products as they were used. 
    • Reports > Gift Cards/Prepaid Reports > Prepaid Products - Used


Moved Gift Card List Report  

  • The Gift Card List Report has found a new home in the Gift Cards/Prepaid Reports section! It's the same report you know and love, just grouped with the Prepaid Reports rather than the Sales Reports! 
    • Reports > Gift Cards/Prepaid Reports > Gift Card List 


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