Pet Record - Vaccinations

The Pet Record is available with the Paws version of Envision Cloud.

The safety of the pets at your grooming salon is of the utmost importance. With Envision Cloud, you can input pet vaccine history and information! Expired vaccinations appear in red, to help alert your business of any pets that may need vaccinations prior to visiting your grooming salon. Whether a vaccine is required is determined in the Vaccination List.



Vaccinations are chosen from the dropdown which includes options from the Vaccination List.


This date selection field allows you to input when a pet was administered a vaccine. 


This date selection field allows you to input when a vaccination expires for a pet.

To receive notifications about expired vaccinations when booking an appointment navigate to Company Settings > Calendar Options > Show expired vaccination warning when booking

To Edit a Vaccination

Utilize the pencil icon to alter the dates of vaccination. 




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