Quarter 2 Updates 2020

We've read your suggestions, applied your feedback, and are excited to announce our Quarter 2 Updates for 2020! The team here at Envision Cloud has been developing new features and the latest updates to improve Envision Cloud and tailor our software to the specific needs of our clients. 

With the Quarter 2 Updates, we have upgraded and enhanced appointment booking, client communication, point of sale, and more! We've also created features specifically for our pet groomers and educators! For the Quarter 2 Updates, we have added: 

Appointment Booking Alerts    Booking Alert Popup Window     Client Communication Preferences     "Has Credit/Balance Due" Icon      Moving Multiple Appointments       Manage Standing Appointments   Opted Out Marketing Client Filters     Referred Client Merge Field     Employee Selection at Sales Register    Search On Hold Tickets by Client     Include Discounted Value in Commission for Discount Plan    Cancel All Associated Block Times      Custom Mobile App Cancellation Restrictions     Reports/Dashboards Employee View Restriction  On Account Payment Note Field   Employee to Student Setting   Pet Microchip Search    "Select Team" Report Option    Sales by Comparison Report Expansion   Appointment Data Comparision Report   Enhanced Vendor PO Report  Enhanced Inventory Shrinkage Report    Enhanced Ticket Details Report    Enhanced On Hand Valuation Report     Operator to Cashier

Appointment Booking Alerts (Ultimate Only) 

  • You now have the option to create a Booking Alert for a client or set a client to Deny All Booking. The Reason Note field allows you to input an explanation for the Booking Alert. This feature can be used to prohibit or restrict certain clients from booking appointments. If a client is set to Deny All Booking, they will be unable to book online. 
    • Clients > Client List > Select a client > Booking Alert sub-tab


Booking Alert Popup Window (Ultimate Only)

  • When a client with a Booking Alert attempts to be scheduled, a popup window will appear. If the client has a Booking Alert, the icon will be a caution sign. If a client is marked Deny All Booking a red stop sign will appear. The Reason Note will also appear below the icon. This feature makes it easier to prohibit or restrict certain clients from booking appointments. The red stop sign can be bypassed by exiting out of the popup and continuing booking.
    • Appointment Schedule > Add a New Appointment > Select a client with a Booking Alert 



Client Communication Preferences

  • With the improved communication options, you can input how each client specifically wishes to be communicated with. Clients can receive appointment confirmations via their preferred method like email, SMS, and more! They can also be unsubscribed from email and/or SMS marketing under the Communication tab. This can make your business's relationship with your clients more personalized and client-focused. 
    • Clients > Client List > Select a client > Communication sub-tab 


"Has Credit/Balance Due" icon on the Appointment Schedule (Preferred & Ultimate Only)

  • The "Has Credit/Balance Due" icon will make it easier to identify clients that currently have an On Account balance or credit.  The "Has Credit/Balance Due" icon can help to pinpoint clients with an On Account credit they can utilize towards their appointment or clients with an On Account balance so they can make a payment towards that balance at checkout. 
    • Schedule > Appointments 


Moving Multiple Appointments 

  • The option to move all appointments for a single client to another day will make rescheduling multiple appointments a much quicker process. The blue numbers allow you to move appointments a certain number of weeks out from when they were previously scheduled. 
    • Schedule > Appointments > Right-click on appointment > Move/Repeat All Appointments > To Date > Move ALL appointments to the above date


Manage Standing Appointments (Ultimate Only)

  • The "Manage Standing Appointments" menu shows all the Standing Appointment series in one screen and allows for you to Add, Edit or Cancel from this menu. It will only show the current Standing Series and any series of Standing Appointments that ended in the past will not show on this menu. 
  • The "Allow Double Booking Option" when Adding a Standing Appointment will be selected based on the Company Settings. For MedSpa Accounts, if a service has a resource group and secondary resource group -  they will auto-fill when creating a standing appointment. 
    • Schedule > Appointments > "Manage Standing Appointments" under Appointment Options or right-click the schedule and select "Manage Standing Appointments" 



Opted Out Marketing Client Filters

  • The "Clients that opted out of Email Marketing" and "Clients that opted out of SMS Marketing" marketing filters can be used to ensure clients receive important business information even if they've opted out of marketing SMS or emails. 
    • Marketing > Clients Filters > Marketing Filter > "Email Marketing Opt Out Status" and "SMS Marketing Opt Out Status" 


Referred Client Merge Field (Preferred & Ultimate Only)  

  • The referred client first and last name merge field in the Referral Thank You Automated marketing allows referring clients to know who they specifically referred to your business when receiving an email thanking them for their referral. 
    • Marketing > Automated Marketing > Referral Thank You > Merge Fields > Referred Client First Name & Referred Client Last Name 


Employee Selection at Sales Register

  • An employee search and selection box now pops up when a line item is added to the Sales Register when an employee is not already assigned from the dropdown. This pop-up window makes it easier to assign different line items to different employees on one ticket. 
    • Sales > Sales Register > Item Selection > Select Employee from Search Employee box 


Search On Hold Tickets by Client 

  • The option to search On Hold Tickets by customers is now in the Sales Register. This search option will make it easier to locate On Hold Tickets by a client from the Sales Register. 
    • Sales Register > On Hold Tickets > Customer Search Field 


Include Discounted Value in Commission for Discount Plan

  • The "Include Discounted Value in Commission" option allows an employee to receive a full commission from an item that was discounted through a Discount Plan. This option can reduce the need to individually check off "Include Discounted Value In Commission" during checkout by editing a line item. 
    • Clients > Client Options > Discount Plans > Select a Discount Plan > "Include Discounted Value In Commission"


Cancel All Associated Block Times

  • The option to remove all associated blocks now appears when canceling a block that is a part of multiple blocks. These cancellation options will make managing block times more efficient. 
    • Right-click a block time on the Appointment Schedule > Remove Block > Remove all future blocks associated with this series


Custom Mobile App Cancellation Restrictions (Ultimate Only)

  • With Envision's Custom Mobile App, your business can now restrict how close to an appointment a client can cancel. These improved settings can help to reduce last-minute client cancellations!
    • Company Settings > Online Booking tab > Hours before appointment where online cancellation is not allowed


Reports/Dashboards Employee View Restriction

  • The "View All Employees on Reports/Dashboards(when applicable)" security profile option when unchecked now ensures employees only view their own performance information under Reports/Dashboards, when applicable. This can be helpful in keeping employee performance information private and allowing employees to focus on accomplishing their own goals. 
    • Employee > Employee Options > Security Profiles > Select a Profile > Reports tab > View All Employees on Reports/Dashboards(when applicable)



On Account Payment Note Field (Preferred & Ultimate Only)

  • The new On Account Payment Note Field allows you to leave a brief note with payments made using the On Account feature. These notes can be used to denote when a client intends to pay off the balance they're putting on their account or the use of the credit they are putting on their account. The field has a 15 character limit.  
    • Sales > Sales Register > Add Money On Acct > Payment Note  


  • Sales > Sales Register > Add Client, Employee, & Line Item > Take Payment > On Account > Payment Note 



Employee to Student Setting

  • The option to change "Employee" to "Student" changes the wording from employee to student throughout the software. This setting is ideal for educators and schools!
    • Company Settings > General Options > Employee Text Type



Pet Microchip Search

  • Pets on the pet list are now searchable by microchip number! With the pet microchip search, your pet grooming salon can search up and identify found animals. If a pet is found in your area and has been inputted into your Pet List, the microchip number search can be used to pull up the pet profile and identify the owner!
    •  Clients > Pet List > Microchip # search field


"Select Team" Report Option (Ultimate Only)

  • The "Select Team" Employee Selection option has been added to a number of reports in Envision Cloud.  This report filter allows you to pull data regarding a team's performance, progress, and more!
    • Employee Selection > Select Team 


Sales by Comparison Report Expansion

  • The Sales Summary Comparison Report has now been expanded into 14 different reports which gives your business a more comprehensive view of your performances, clients, inventory, and so much more! These reports can help your business to gauge success over time and make data-driven business decisions. 
    • Reports > Sales Reports > Sales by Comparison dropdown


Appointment Data Comparision Report 

  • The Appointment Data Comparison Report features the option to set up two date range periods. These date ranges can help your business to contrast appointment data as the report calculates numerical differences from the two time periods!
    • Reports > Appointment Reports > Appointment Data Comparison Report > Period A Date Selector > Period B Date Selector 



Enhanced Vendor PO Report

  • The Vendor Purchase Order Report has been reimagined and improved to help your business when using POs to order inventory.
    • Reports > Inventory Reports > Purchase Orders > Vendor PO 


Enhanced Inventory Shrinkage Report 

  • The Inventory Shrinkage Report has been reformatted to be more accessible and effective as businesses take inventory and evaluate discrepancies. 
    • Reports > Inventory Reports > Inventory Shrinkage 


Enhanced Ticket Details Report 

  • The Ticket Details Report now includes the Expand Details filter and checkbox which provides additional transaction information. This feature can be very useful when auditing ticket information. 
    • Reports > POS Reports > Ticket Details > Expand Details 



Enhanced On Hand Valuation Report 

  • The On Hand Valuation Report now includes more inventory details like Back Bar, Qty Reorder At, On Order, On Hand, and more! These newly added columns can help your business track inventory and on hand valuation more accurately and precisely.
    • Reports > Inventory Reports > On Hand Valuation 


Operator to Cashier

  • In Reports, the employee who managed the register was referred to as the "Operator." The term has now been changed to "Cashier." 






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