Performing Your First API Integration

Performing Your First API Integration

With Envision Cloud's Web API, you can create custom reports, interface with a shopping cart to sell retail products, interface with marketing companies, and more! Let’s go over how to perform an API integration!

  1. Install the Postman app for Google Chrome at by clicking the orange download button.postman_download.png
  2. Open the Postman app. postman_app.png
  3. Make sure the dropdown on the top-left says “GET.”
  4. In the request URL bar, type: Replace "YourAPIKeyHere" with the one provided in our developer portal.
  5. Click the “Authorization” tab, use the dropdown for "Type" and choose "Basic Auth."
  6. Enter your username and password on the right side, and press "Preview Request."
  7. Press the “Send” button next to the request URL.

    In the "Body" section at the bottom, you will be presented with your product list, or any error message if your API key or username/password are incorrect.

    If you see the results on the screen, you’ll see “Congratulations!! You have created your first integration using the Envision API.”

    To view a list of data you can receive from our API endpoints, please view our documentation at:



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