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Update My Records is included in the Medspa and Ink Preferred/Ultimate versions of Envision Cloud. To upgrade, please contact our Sales Team at 800.231.9445 or

Update My Records is Envision Cloud's secure e-form system that allows businesses to send and receive forms digitally! Let's learn about Update My Records:

To begin select "Create/Edit Templates" from the Welcome screen or in the upper right. 


The "Create and Edit Template" screen displays a list of forms that you have created in Update My Records. The pencil icon is used to edit an existing form. The green plus sign is used to create a new form.


Template Selection

To create a new form, but work from a form you've already created you would select a form from the "Form Selection" screen. To start from scratch, select "Start fresh from a blank template."


Enter Form Title

Select a name. This is how the template will appear within both Envision Cloud and Update My Records. 


Add New Section

Update My Records comes with a few pre-made sections you'd typically see on paperwork. This can make the form creation process faster and easier! Pre-made sections are customizable. This screen can also be reached while editing a form using the "Add Question Section" button on the right. If "Blank" is selected, the section will have to be named and questions will have to be added.



Add and Edit Form

From this screen, you can make all necessary edits to create a form that best fits your business's needs. 



Displays how the form will appear to a client.

Display Order

Denotes where this form is placed within a form pack. A form pack is a group of forms that are sent together to a client prior to an appointment. 

Form Packs 

Using the pencil icon, this form can be added to a form pack.  A form pack is a group of forms that are sent together to a client prior to an appointment. 


Manage Form Packs

When adding a form to a form pack, form packs can be managed. Here form packs can be added, edited, and deleted.  


Section Title 

Using the pencil icon, the name of the sections can be edited.

Blue Arrows

Used to move sections or questions up or down within the form. 


Red X 

Deletes a section or question from the form. 


Editing a Question

Using the pencil icon within a question allows a question to become completely customizable. The bold, italicize, or underline options can be used for emphasis. The required checkbox makes the question required to be filled out by the client. The Import Field allows the information provided within the question to be imported into Envision Cloud. 


Add a New Question 

Using the green plus icon, a new question can be added to a section. There are a number of question formats to choose from. Added questions can be made required and can be emphasized using the bold, italicize, or underline options. The "Upload Images" question requires Dropbox or Google Drive integration.



Save and Exit

Once the form is finished, hitting "Save and Exit" will store the form in UMR and you're ready to send it to a client!

Completed Forms

After a client completes and submits a form, it can be accessed in Update My Records. 

To begin select "Completed Forms" from the Welcome screen or in the upper right. 


The "Completed Forms" screen displays a list of forms that you have been completed by clients. They are searchable by client name, client email, form, and form package! Forms can be downloaded, viewed, and deleted from this screen. 



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