Setting Up SMS

Paid SMS with Envision Cloud is a feature that allows your business to communicate with both your clients and staff via SMS message! Paid SMS allows you to notify clients on a waitlist, prompt a client to review their service after checkout, send SMS campaigns about upcoming promotions, and so much more! With Paid SMS, you can also automatically notify your staff members when a client has canceled, send a message to an entire employee department, and more! Paid SMS is a feature that has so much to offer.  To set up Paid SMS with Envision Cloud: 

1. Navigate to "Manage Account" under "Company Settings" in Envision Cloud.


2. Click "Sign up for SMS Messaging" under "sms messaging." 


3. You will then be directed to a page where you'll be prompted to fill out a form. After carefully reading the document and completing both pages of the form, return the form to


4. Once finished, you'll receive correspondence from the administration team on your completed SMS enhancement.

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