Online Gift Certificate Sales

Setting Up Online Gift Certificate Sales 

Online Gift Certificate Sales is available as an add-on with Standard & Preferred, and are included with Ultimate. You can add online gift certificate sales to your account on the Account Subscription page.

At Envision Cloud, we make it easy for your clients to purchase online gift certificates from your business! Online Gift Certificate Sales allow your clients to purchase gift cards online from the convenience of their computer, smartphone, tablet, or even with the Enhanced Custom Mobile App! 

Setting Up Online Gift Certificate Sales for the Web* 

1. Set up an e-commerce account! For Worldpay, this would be a PASS account and for Payroc, it’ll be called Paymentech. 

2. Navigate to the admin panel or "Manage Account" in your Envision Cloud account, which can be found in the upper-righthand corner. 

3. Click "Sign up for add-on services."


4. Select "Add to Subscription" to the right of "Online gift certificates sales."


5. Follow the directions on the following screen.

6. An email will be sent to you with the paperwork you’ll have to complete to move forward in establishing Online Gift Certificate Sales.

7. Afterward, our support team will reach out to you when your online gift card sales are ready!

8. Once the Online Gift Certificate Sales feature is enabled, go to your "Company Settings."

9. Click the "Online Booking" tab. 

10. Scroll down to find the "Online Booking URL" under the "General Tab."


11. When you navigate to that URL, you will see a "Buy a Gift Certificate" button on that page. 


12. You can either sell your online gift certificates from the "Online Booking URL" or you can copy and paste into an existing website the web address of the page after you've clicked the "Buy a Gift Certificate," button which is pictured below. 


*Online Gift Certificate Sales only available in the U.S.

Online Gift Certificate Specials

  • You can now offer Online Gift Card Specials to your clients! You can discount online gift certificates by a percent or a dollar amount. This can help your business increase your online gift card sales! To add a discount to your business's gift cards just follow the steps below:
    • Company Settings > Online Booking > Integration Options > Visit to Update Your Options > General Settings > Gift





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