Setting Up Your Custom Mobile App

Custom Mobile App Set-Up

Congrats! You've got a Custom Mobile App for Your Business and now it's time to set it up! It's important to go through these steps to ensure that your app is suited to your business' needs. Let's do it! 

1. By default, all employees are made available for online booking. If there's an employee you would not like to be able to be booked online, simply uncheck the "Allow clients to book online with this employee" box under the "Schedule Options" tab of an employee profile. 


2. To ensure that clients can only book services that employees are qualified to perform, be sure to assign services to service providers under the Qualified Services tab. You can also set any custom pricing or timing by using the pencil icon. 


3. By default, all services are made available for online booking. If there's a service you would not like to be able to be booked online, simply uncheck the "Enable this service for online booking" box under the "Scheduling" sub-tab under the "General" tab of "Service Details."


4. Set up your "Online Booking" settings under "Company Settings." Be sure to carefully go through the "General Options" sub-tab and make any changes you feel best fit your business! The "Hours before appointment where online cancellation is not allowed" is an important setting to reduce last-minute cancellations through your Custom Mobile App. 


Accessing Custom Mobile App Settings 

To go into your Custom Mobile App settings, you will navigate to the "Integration Options" sub-tab and select the "MyDash Administration Panel" and then click the "MyDash Settings" tab to the left within the new window. Here you're able to customize your app experience by setting up Loyalty Points, Spin & Win, social networks, and more!Screen_Shot_2020-03-31_at_4.57.12_PM.png


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