How to Get a Custom Mobile App

Custom Mobile App

What is a Custom Mobile App with Envision Cloud?

A Custom Mobile App is our client-facing app that allows your clients to connect to your business from either an Android or iOS mobile device! With a Custom Mobile App, your client gets access to special deals, in-app appointment booking, exclusive loyalty point opportunities, and more! When say custom, we mean custom! You choose the colors, import your logo, and include custom graphics too! 

The Custom Mobile App is available with the Ultimate edition of Envision Cloud. To upgrade, please contact our Sales Team at 800.231.9445 or

For a one-time additional fee, you can upgrade to an Enhanced Custom Mobile App which features "Spin & Win," Online Gift Card Sales, Push notifications, and more! 


Steps to Getting a Custom Mobile 

1. Our Custom Mobile App is only available to Ultimate users with Envision Cloud. When you sign up for Ultimate, you are given the "MyDash - CustomForm.pdf" (If you are already signed up for Ultimate and are interested in the Enhanced Custom Mobile App, please contact our sales team.)

2. The next step in getting a Custom Mobile App is setting up an Apple Developer Account. 

3. Fill out the design form and send your logo and artwork to Here are some tips to help you design your Custom Mobile App:

4. Work with our professional graphic designers to perfect your app and have it designed just how you want it!

5. Once you approve your final app design, it is sent to our developers to develop and then submitted to the app stores for approval (can take up to 30 days).

6. We will contact you as soon as the app stores accept your app, and it goes live!

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