New and Improved Report Features!

Reports help businesses problem-solve and plan ahead so we're always innovating to bring you a more comprehensive experience!  Below are a few of the updates our team has created for you and your business:

  • Added an Employee column and an Employee sort option to the Loyalty Point Redemption report, which gives you the opportunity to see which employees are bringing in customers who redeem their loyal points!



  • Added a Prebook to Service Guest percentage to the Business Analysis Summary report, so you can track what amount of your appointments are prebooked.


  • Added the option to choose Active/Inactive employees on the Employee Sales Summary report, giving you the choice to only view or filter out employees currently working with your business.


  • Added page breaks between employees option to the Employee Sales Sheet report.


  • Added Date of Birth and Treatment Date to the Treatment report, creating a more detailed look at the treatments your MedSpa has performed.


  • Added the option to only show retail items that have an on-hand quantity over zero on the Physical Count report, so you can pull the report only including inventory you currently have in stock. 


 Click here to learn about our past updates on Envision Cloud Reports

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