Updates to Appointment & Inventory Reports!

We have optimized and increased the number of reports you can pull within the Appointments and Inventory Reports sections! We have:

  • Renamed the Appointment Types by Company report, which is now called the Appointment Types by Client report.


  • Moved the Appointment Types by Client report and Appointment Types by Employee report to the Appointment Reports section.


  • Added Detail and Summary options for both the Appointments by Client and Appointments by Employee report, which gives you different versions of these reports that offer varying levels of information.



  • Added a Class column to the Product List and Service List reports, which gives you a more detailed view of your inventory. 



  • Added the option to print the Item Id or Description on the Product List and Service List reports.




  • Added additional Sort By options to the Product List and Service List reports, giving you the opportunity to view your inventory reports in brand new ways.


Reports are an integral part of business management and these updates aim to help Envision Cloud meet your business’ individual needs!

Click here to learn about our past updates on Envision Cloud Reports

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