How Do I Submit a Suggestion for Envision Cloud on the Community Site?

We work so hard on improving Envision Cloud to make running a business easy and efficient. But we always want to hear your feedback, and that’s why we created the Community Site. On the Community Site, you can suggest upgrades or new features you want on the Cloud that YOU believe will make running your business better. Here’s how to submit a suggestion:

Step 1.

Go to or go to and click the Support tab.

Step 2.

Sign into your Community Site Account.

Email: Your email should be the one you used to set up your Envision Cloud Account.

Password: If you've forgotten your password, no worries, click Forgot My Password and follow the steps. 


Step 3. 

Click the Community Icon.


Step 4. 

Click the Search section and type in your suggestion to see if it has already been submitted. 


Step 5. 

Once you've searched, you'll see other suggestions with words related to your search under the Community column. If you see your suggestion, upvote existing suggestions that match yours, or ones you think would help Envision Cloud users. 


Step 6. 

If you don't see your post, click the Envision Cloud icon above the search bar to go back to the main screen.

Click the Community Icon again, then click Product Feedback & Suggestions. 


Step 7. 

Click New Post. 

Before you start writing your post be sure to review the Community Guidelines here. 


Step 8. 

Help us understand what you need most - share your detailed use case and upvote other user's suggestions to inform the Product team. We do read all your posts but may not be able to respond to all comments. 

Enter a title for your Suggestion (view similar posts) and provide a detailed example and suggestion in the Details box. 

Click Submit.



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