Quarter 4 2019



NEW Year, NEW Quarter 4 Updates!

Cheers to the new year and new updates for Envision Cloud! Our team has been hard at work during Quarter 4 of 2019 to get you started in 2020 with exciting new features and software enhancements.

This update, we focused on ways to make it easier to visualize your day, empower your staff, build you online reputation, and track your success. Keep reading to learn more about what’s been added and updated in your CalendarClient filesReportsSecurity Profiles, and more. 

For medical spas, new and enhanced features were added to make it easier to review treatments, update treatments and send forms to clients. 
Let's check them out...

A Few of Our Favorite Features from the Quarter 4 Update

Increase Your Marketing and Build Your Online Reputation This Year...  
  • Request a Review via Email or SMS Message* After the Client Checks Out
    (*2-way texting feature required for SMS review request)

You can now enable an option to request client reviews via email or SMS text message when the client checks out! To enable this feature and customize your review request message(s), go to
Company Settings > POS Options > Review Options.
Once enabled, you will see additional buttons in the POS when the client checks out. 



With these buttons,  you can request reviews after a client has checked out. Send an SMS message (requires 2-way SMS feature) or send an email prompting for a review. You can customize the SMS and email template with a special message, graphic, and link to the most popular review sites like Google and Yelp! (example: If you had a great experience at "CompanyName," please help us spread the word! Leave a review at "ReviewSite!")
Start building your online reputation today!
A New Way to Look At Your (Literally) Favorite Reports... 
  • New ‘Favorite Reports’ tab with the ability to add any report(s) for easier access.
Favorite the Reports, well, that are your favorites! Make it easy on yourself to find the reports you use the most by clicking the plus sign on the star in the right corner of any report. You can add or delete any reports you’d like. The reports you favorite will show up under the "Favorite Reports" tab.
Go to Reports > Favorite Reports. 


 Personalize Your Calendar In More Than One Way..... 

  • Added ability to display employee’s pictures in calendar scheduling & customize 

You can now add an employee profile picture for online booking AND the calendar schedule. Go to your Employee List and add your Employees profile pictures to customize your calendar.




Employee Grouping and Filtering on the Calendar
  • Added ability to view select multiple employees or departments for fast and easy appointment scheduling.
At the bottom of the schedule screen, we’ve added a box for Employee filtering. You have the ability to filter your calendar an only view a few select Employees at a time, or only view a certain Departments. The new Employee filter makes it easier to view only certain staff members at a time and their availability.
  • New Ability to Customize Calendar Column Widths to Best Suit Your Scheduling View
 With the new update, you’re able to add employee pictures to your calendar and make your schedule a little more personal. However, depending on how many employees you have scheduled at a time, you might need to adjust the dimensions of your calendar so it can look aesthetically pleasing with these new employee pictures.
Go to Company Settings > Calendar Options > General Calendar Options > Calendar Column Width to set your own calendar column widths to best fit all your employees on any desktop size. 
Rearrange your calendar by manually entering the calendar column width in the box (minimum is 10 and max is 1,000). *If you’d rather not mess with dimensions you can check the, “Stretch Columns to Fit Schedule” box and this option will manually help your calendar stretch to size. 
  • NEW Menu - Checkout, Cancel or Edit a Client’s Appointment by Hovering Over Their Time Slot. 
We’ve upgraded the calendar to make editing appointments easier. Hover over an appointment (checked-in or not), and you’ll have additional options on the menu screen to checkout, cancel, or edit. The check-out button will take you to the POS screen with the client's current services and/or retail items. The cancel button will simply delete the appointment, and the edit button will allow you to adjust a client's appointment as you wish. The new menu makes client check-in AND out faster. 
 *Treatment Button is only available in the MedSpa Edition.
  • Right-click on the Schedule for the NEW Print Schedule Option. 
Want to print your schedule to have a physical copy of your employee AND client's schedule? No worries, we’ve added a button for you. Right-click over an empty appointment slot and you’ll see a menu. Click Print Schedule and a PDF of your schedule will be downloaded and printed to display a full day’s schedule. 
  • Icon Legend to Make Navigating the Calendar Easier on New and Existing Employees 
Unsure of what the icons represent on an appointment? Just right-click on the appointment and go to the NEW Icon Legend to see exactly what each icon represents. The Icon Legend can help both new and existing employees stay on the same page throughout the day. Even daytime employees vs. nighttime can benefit from the icon legend. If a client is in mid-service when there is a shift change, the icon legend can make it easier to understand each appointment. 
View your calendar at a glance and follow along with each appointment from the new Icon Legend. 
  • The “Add a New Appointment Screen” Displays NEW Additional, History, and Prepaids Tabs
When you go to book a new appointment for a client, you’ll see a new integrated menu with Additional Time tab, client’s History, and a client’s Prepaids. These tabs make it easy to book an appointment from the client's history or pre-paid services.  Double-click a service from the client's history or prepaid list to automatically populate the service selection.
  •  Print Client Work Tickets in the Walk-in Queue

You can physically print work tickets from the walk-in queue. You can see what service the client is waiting for, the time they arrived, AND their contact information. Make your walk-in queue easier for you and your clients. 


  • Added "Education" Work Type to the Work Schedule


  • The client's formula list is now sortable and searchable. 

Trying to re-create that color from soooo long ago? Now you can easily find the formula you're looking for with new search fields in the formula list. Or, click on the column description to sort the list.



  • Two New Print Buttons! Print Client Formulas Directly From the Formulas List and Edit Screen  
  1. We’ve added a Print Formula button! If you’re updating your Client List, click the Formula tab and check out the NEW and easily accessible Print Formula button. 

Go to Client List > Client > Formula > Edit Formula > Print Formula. 



2. Another NEW print option! We’re making it really easy to print formulas, can you tell? Go to your Client Formulas and print directly from the list. 

Go to Client Formulas > Print.


  •  Added Option to Print the Amount of Remaining Prepaids on a Receipt When a Prepaid is Redeemed

Ah, finally! In your company settings, we've added a setting that will automatically "Print Remaining Prepaids on Receipt." Check this box, so clients can see how many prepaids they have left without calling you right after they walk out the door.

Go to company settings > POS Options > Receipt Options > Print Remaining Prepaids on Receipts. 




  • Upgraded Performance Monitor board with Quick Statistics Menu, Multiple Date Options for Performance Measuring, and Ability to Create Multiple Performance Plans for Specific Employees
Guys, this is a great one! See who's leading your team based on a point system you create! You can create and assign different performance plans to your employees and check the performance monitor to see who's in the lead to hitting their goals for the day, week, or month! Keep this dashboard up in the break room to create a little friendly competition among staff!
When you change the date option, you'll see the statistics menu change as well. Hover over a certain employee and see how they've been performing instantly. Did they meet their goals for the day, week, month? You tell us... with this new upgrade you'll know which employee is ahead of the game. 
You can also create specific performance plans for different employees. Maybe you want your top performer to double their sales this year, give them their own plan! Or set higher goals for your more experienced staff. 
Go to Reports > Dashboard > Performance Monitor. 
  • NEW Sales Report: Sales Summary Comparison Between two-time frames 
A NEW sales report to compare not just dates, but TIME-FRAMES. Which month was your busiest? Which month was your slowest? Start comparing time-frames in your Sales By Date Comparison under the Sales Reports tab. 
mceclip0.png sales_by_date_comparison_actual_report.jpg
  • View Coupon Redemption by Operator or Service Provider 
 With this new Employee Type filter - "Operator", you can easily distinguish who checked out the client vs. the person who performed the service. Choose either Operator or Service Employee with this new filter in the Coupon Redemption Report (POS Reports).

Security Profiles

  • Added Security Profile to restrict editing/deleting blocked times on the schedule.mceclip1.png


  • Allow access to the mobile app and disregard IP restrictions



  • Allow users to remain logged in, or automatically log off after 20 minutes




  •  New Calendar Icon to Indicate if Clients Hasn't Completed All Forms Sent via UMR
On the NEW icon legend, you will see the “Has Open Form Packs” icon. This icon will only be visible for clients who have incomplete forms. You can easily distinguish which clients need to finish their forms before they can check-in or out! 
  •  Added “Does Not Need Doctor’s/Nurses’s Signature” Check Boxes in the Service List
Some services such as a relaxing massage may not need to be reviewed by a doctor or nurse, check the “Does Not Require Signature” boxes for easier appointment booking. Nothing can hold off your client’s appointment now. :-) 
Go to Service List > Service > Does Not Require.
  • Missing Nurse or Missing Doctor’s Signature Filtering Option
Certain services don’t require a Doctor or Nurse’s Signature, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be counted for on the Treatment List. The new filtering options “Missing Nurse Signature” and “Missing Doctor Signature” keeps a list of treatments without a signature to help determine which treatment programs need to be signed. 
Even with our newly added feature (where services have the option “Does Not Require a Nurse/Doctor Signature”), some services DO require a signature. These filtering options can help both nurses and doctors quickly review treatment programs that require their assistance and approval. 

MedSpa - Update My Records

  • Added option in company settings that allows you to designate a separate email for Update My Records notifications
Get updates regarding UMR to a personal or separate email for better organization! By designating a separate email for UMR your inbox can be cleared of clutter this year. Add an email specially for UMR, so you can stay up to date with your client’s incomplete and completed forms without scrolling through a list of business emails. 
Go to Company Settings > Other > Update My Records Notice Email to add an email for UMR correspondence. Now, you can separate which emails are personal, business-related, and UMR specific. 
  • Send UMR Forms Instantly to Clients When They Book an Appointment 
You can automatically send forms or form packs when an appointment for a specific service is booked. Choose the UMR forms you want to be sent instantly by choosing a form from the drop-down menu.
Go to Service List > Pick a Service > Scheduling > Appointment Booking Forms. 


  • Send Multiple Form Packs to a Client at One-Time. 

The enhanced Send Forms interface allows you to choose multiple form packs and add them to the "Form Packs to Send" column so you can send all required forms at one time. This is especially helpful for new clients who haven't filled out any forms yet or clients getting multiple services. 

Go to Clients > Medical Options > Update My Records Forms > Send Forms. 


  • New Import Fields 
 You can now import answers from UMR to update the client notes field and/or the pop-up note field. 
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