Online Booking MyDash - Apple Setup Step 2

Inviting Ennoview to Your Apple Developer Account

With the recent revision in Apple's app release guidelines, there are a new set of requirements that must be met before your MyDash app can be published to the App Store. These requirements are issued directly by Apple and apply to all businesses and developers who wish to operate on the App Store—including your business and Ennoview. Because of these changes, Ennoview can no longer publish the Mydash app on your behalf, and you will need to enroll in the Apple Developer program and invite us an "admin" to your developer account.

This article contains the final series of steps necessary to launch your MyDash app: inviting Ennoview as a user to your Apple Developer account and adding us to App Store Connect. If you're an existing MyDash subscriber and are completing this process to maintain your current app, then you'll need to accept an app transfer request as well. 

Once enrolled, Ennoview will take over the process of managing your MyDash app and no further input will be necessary on your part. You can even ignore any email rejections or notices you receive from Apple at that point since Ennoview will handle them entirely.

Step 1:  Add Ennoview to your accounts 

You'll need to add Ennoview to both your Apple Developer and App Store Connect accounts. These are the front-end and back-end portals that we use to publish and launch your app.

Add Ennoview to Your Apple Developer Account

  1. Go to the Apple Developer Program website. 
  2. Click Account at the top right, then log in using your business's Apple ID.
  3. Click People on the left side, then Invite People.
  • This field will only appear if you've completed all prior steps and paid for your Apple Developer account.
  • This field will only appear if you've successfully registered for a Company/Organizational account; if you don't see it, you may have mistakenly registered as an individual. If you have enrolled as an individual and need to convert your individual account to an organization account, please contact Apple
  1. In the "Invite as Admins" field, enter the email address provided to you by Ennoview.
  2. Click Invite.

Next, add Ennoview to your App Store Connect account.

Add Ennoview to Your App Store Connect Account

  1. Log in to App Store Connect with your business's Apple ID and password. 
  2. Select Users and Access.
  3. At the top left, click the + button next to "Users."
  4. You're now on the 
  5. "Add App Store Connect User" page. Enter the following details, then click Next.
  6. On this page, select Admin as the user role.
  7. Click Next.
  8. You will now select app notifications for this role. Choose the following, then click Save.


After the invitation has been sent, our team will accept the invitation within a few days. If you're a new MyDash customer, you've completed all necessary steps and your launch process is complete.

Existing businesses who have previously launched a Mydash app should continue to the final step below.

Step 3: Accept the app transfer request (for existing apps only)

Within a few days of adding us to your Apple accounts, you'll receive an email from the App Store notifying you of the transfer request. This is only necessary for existing Mydash apps. These are the apps that Ennoview has previously launched on our Developer account and are now being moved to your newly created Apple account.

Here's how to start:

  1. Click on the App Store Connect link in the email. 
  2. Enter your Apple ID, then click Sign In.
  3. To review the transfer agreement terms, click on the link in the banner near the top of your screen. 


  1. Scroll to Transfer Agreements and click Review in the "Contracts in Process" section. (Ignore the Request Contracts section at the top.) 


  1. You'll now be asked to provide contact information for your app. This section contains a combination of your own contact info and information provided by Ennoview. Complete the form as follows:
    • First Name: Ennoview
    • Last Name: Inc
    • Email Address:
    •  Phone Number: +1 407 253 0913
    • New App Metadata
    • App Review Contact Information (Ennoview will handle reviews for your app)
    • App Store Contact Information: Enter your business's contact information in this section. 
  1. Read the agreement terms and place a check mark in the box beside "I have read and agree to the terms presented above."
  2. Click Accept at the bottom. 

After clicking Accept, it will take roughly 24 hours for the app to appear in your Apple Developer account. This will not affect your clients' ability to download or use the app, but there may be an approximate 2-hour window where push notifications cannot be sent or received. We recommend waiting about a day after completing this process to resume sending notifications.


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