Online Booking MyDash - Apple Requirements Overview

Apple has made major changes to their policies regarding releasing custom apps to the Apple Store.  In essence, each business that wants to publish an app must register their business with Apple's Developer program.  After you register, you can then "invite" Ennoview as a partner and we will be able to publish your app.  This is only required for the Apple version and does not affect your Android app. Here is a link to Apple's updated release guidelines.

The changes made by Apple affect EVERY app developer and not just Ennoview. To guide you through this process, we have created this easy-to-follow list. It is possible that your business already meets several of these requirements already. We recommend going step-by-step in order, marking each one completed as they are finished.

You'll only need to do these steps once. After every requirement is met and you've successfully added Ennoview to your Developer account, we'll take over the responsibility of launching, updating, and maintaining your MyDash app.

Still have questions? Check out MyDash - Apple Requirements FAQ. 



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