Online Booking - Changes To MyDash Customer Booking App

Due to recent changes in Apple's app release guidelines, there are new app requirements for both Ennoview and your business. Moving forward, any app must come from an independently-owned Apple Developer account, meaning Ennoview can no longer publish to the App Store on your behalf. 

These are universal rules issued directly by Apple that apply to all businesses and developers who wish to operate on the App Store. You can read Apple’s full list of terms here:

Here's what this means for your business:

  • Ennoview can no longer publish your MyDash app through our Apple Developer account.
  • Your business must register for an Apple Developer account to continue using the iOS version of the MyDash app.
  • Once approved by Apple, you must grant Ennoview permission to publish the app on your behalf.

Please note that these changes apply only to the iOS version of your MyDash app. Ennoview will continue to publish the Android version and no action is required on your part.

We understand how these extra steps can impact your plans and our team is here to assist you throughout this process. Working together, we hope to minimize the impact to your business and ultimately deliver an app that makes life easier for both you and your clients.

For information on completing these requirements, please follow the links below:

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