Marketing Template Creator

Envision Cloud's marketing engine is loaded with features and capabilities. Creating a template for your promotional emails is easy to do. You can customize templates that look like they were professionally made for you.

To create, edit, or delete an email marketing template on your template list, hover over the Marketing Tab, and click Marketing Template Creator. Once you're on the screen you'll see in the options menu:

  • Add a New Template will let you create a completely new template.
  • Edit Selected Template select the template you would like to edit, then this option will let you change text, images, templates, and colors.
  • Delete Selected Template will allow you to delete a template you no longer want on your template list. 



Step 1. Click Add a New Template

Click Add a New Template in the Options menu box. 



Step 2. Edit Marketing Template

When adding a new template, you will be taken to the Edit Marketing Template screen. Give your template an easily identifiable name as you may want to use this template for future use.  Add a Note in the box to determine what discount or special offer might be on this specific template. 

The layout headers and footers will match the image, but the words and formatting will be customizable


Step 3. Click Starter Templates or Create Your Own

Click the Starter Templates button in the upper right to find PRE-MADE templates from our graphic designers at Envision Cloud. You'll see a drop-down with categories you can choose from. Choose the category you want to highlight and then, choose a template. 


Step 4. Add Your Text and Images to the Template

Once you have chosen a template, you can add a text, change the fonts and colors. You also can add images.

  • Customize the template text

Even by choosing a pre-made template, the text section is customizable. It will be displayed in the main body of the template. You can change the position, size, font, size, and color of the text. You can use Merge Fields from the available drop-down to include fields that will insert client or business information when sent.

To insert an image into the template, please see the instructions on how to insert images.


Step 5. Save Your Template

  • Save Record will save your template and take you back to the main screen of the Marketing Template Creator.
  • Save and Add New will save your template to the template list, but keep you on the same screen with a blank template to add/create a new one. 
  • Cancel Changes will delete your template. Be careful with Cancel Changes because you will lose all your work! 


 Once you've created your templates you're ready to send an email marketing campaign. Go to the article in the knowledge base to learn about the Email Marketing Wizard tab and sending email campaigns. 

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