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Quarter 3 Updates & UPGRADES to Envision Cloud

Here we go, Quarter 3! This year is flying by, especially for our busy bees at Envision Cloud. Our development team has been hard at work updating, upgrading, and perfecting the program just for YOU. You suggested, and we listened. Quarter 3 updates are coming in hot, are you ready? These cloud updates were built to increase your overall experience when using Envision Cloud. 

Let's take a look:


1. Added Discount column to the Line item grind in the Sales Register. 

You can now see the Item discount in the line item grid when you are checking out a customer, so you can ensure you're applying the correct discount.

2. Added Total Discount value to the ticket total summary display in the Sales Register.

If you add discounts to line items or a ticket, you’ll now see the Total Discount at the bottom of the screen.  With this, employees are able to see the discount added. This is another way to ensure you added the appropriate discount. 


3. Added Ticket # and date to the sales register when recalling a ticket. 

We’ve added the Ticket Number and Date to the POS screen so it's easier to see which ticket you're working with when it's been recalled. 


4. VAT (Value Added Tax) totals now display the taxable amount and the tax total on receipts. 

If tax is included in your prices, you can display the tax amount on your receipt so that customers can see exactly what percent and amount of their total was included.  Set a custom name to identify your tax plan in your company settings. 
VAT-Tax.jpg VAT-TaxName.jpg

5. Added ability to quickly recall on hold tickets when receiving a ticket on hold notice.

When the popup notification appears that a client has a ticket on hold, we've added a Restore Ticket Button! You can now easily restore the on-hold ticket from the pop-up notification. 

6. Added option to not charge Service Fees on tickets that only contain retail items.

If a client purchases retail only, you can avoid charging a Service Fee on these tickets. Simply go to Company Settings > POS Options > Disable Service Fee on Retail Only Tickets. This will avoid any confusion or incorrect charges when a service is not purchased. 


7 & 8. Added Expiration Dates to Gift Cards.

There is now a default expiration date of 5 years (1,825 days) for all gift cards.  You can adjust this time frame Company settings. Go to company settings, adjust the default # of days for when certificates should expire.
If someone does (sadly) use an expired gift card the card will not be found in the POS system when you go to redeem. However, the gift card will still be present in the Gift Cards list, but under EXPIRED.

9. QuickBooks integration now splits General Sales into Retail, Service, Other, and Membership Sales. Each Category can be mapped to different QuickBooks accounts. (Requires QuickBooks integration add-on and a QuickBooks Online account.) 

Separate your service, retail, memberships, and other sales for better tracking and accounting purposes.  Your accountant (hey, maybe that's you 😉) is going to be very happy with more accurate tracking and improved categorization.



10. Client, Employee, Retail, Service, Package and Other Items list screens now hide inactive records by default. 

Keep your data lists nice and tidy by hiding inactive records. By default, inactive records are hidden from lists. But if you're missing those inactive clients, employees, or inventory items, you can view them again by simply clicking the "Show Inactive Records."

11. Added a "Purchasing Email" field to company settings.

If you use a separate email account for inventory/vendor communications, you can now enter that email address in the Purchasing Email field.  When you email a PO to vendors, the email address entered in the Purchasing Email field will be used as the "From" email address.  Your regular company email is still used for client communications, and we know it's handy to have a separate email for business-to-business communications.



12.  Added Physical Count Worksheet report.

The Physical Count Worksheet is a printable version of the Physical Count screen. Your inventory team can now print your Physical Count and use the sheet to count and confirm your inventory. Print this sheet out and start counting!

PhysicalReportSelect.jpg PhysicalCountReport.jpg


13. Custom SOAP fields can now be toggled as Active/Inactive. (available in the MedSpa edition)

If you create custom custom SOAP fields, you can now mark those fields as active or inactive.  This will allow you to hide fields you no longer use or need, while still keeping accurate records. 


14. Added SOAP Field Groups. SOAP Field Groups can be used to filter Custom SOAP fields when editing treatment records.  (available in the MedSpa edition)

You can now create groups for your custom SOAP fields. This will allow you to filter your custom fields when entering SOAP notes for a specific treatment.
Create SOAP groups by going to Clients > Medical Options > Soap Group List.
From there, you can add a new group and assign available fields to the group.
Then, when you're entering SOAP notes in the treatment record, you can choose the group of SOAP field items that apply to the service. Instead of checking each items in the list, you'll now move them from the left box, to the right box. This makes it easier to see which field notes are being added to the treatment record. 


15 & 16. Added an anniversary to clients and added an anniversary section to the automated marketing system. (Available in Preferred & Ultimate editions)

Add your client’s anniversary date to their profile AND send an anniversary email automatically! Go to your Automated Marketing tab and click on the Anniversary tab to enable automated anniversary emails 

17. Added a Thank You Section to the Automated Marketing system.  (Available in Preferred & Ultimate editions)

Small things, go a long way with marketing. Our update to automated marketing will make building relationships with your clients EASY. “Thank You for Your Visit” email in automated marketing can be sent after each visit, one per day no matter how many services were completed! Go to the Automated Marketing tab and look for the Thank You tab to starting sending. 
P.S. Include a link to your Google, Facebook, or Yelp reviews to build your online reputation!

18. Added option to unsubscribe clients from SMS marketing.

If a client asks to be removed from your SMS text marketing messages, you can easily do so in their client profile. And as always, clients can unsubscribe themselves by replying "STOP" to any marketing message sent to them. 



19. Added a default SMS Text message to the waitlist message. You can customize this message in company settings. (Requires paid SMS enhancement)

You no longer have to type a new message when you want to text a client from the waitlist. We've added a default message for you!  But you're not stuck with a generic message. Get creative and customize your message to fit your style. Go to Company Settings > Calendar Options to create your own text message to send to waiting list clients.

Waitlist-defaultmsg.jpg Waitlist-CustomMsg.jpg

20. Added client's contact information to the Wait List search window.

When you click on the client in the waiting list, the screen will now display the client’s name, address, home number, mobile number, and email address in addition to the available times. We know things get busy, so this will show you exactly who is waiting on an appointment and you can give them a call now. No more going back to the client record to find their contact information!

21. Added automated billing failure notification option to memberships.  (Available in Preferred & Ultimate editions)

You can now send emails automatically to clients letting them know their membership billing failed. Customize your email to ask clients to give a call to update their billing so they don't miss any awesome membership benefits.  *This notice only goes out if you use the automatic billing cycle process.

21. Reports will no longer open in a separate browser tab or window.

We updated all reports to generate inside of Cloud browser tab. No more pop-ups or separate tabs. Pull all your reports from inside the current Cloud browser tab. This will make it easier when viewing reports on your phone, and prevents pop-up blockers from hiding your reports!


22. Updated SendGrid from V2 to V3. Users will now supply an API Key instead of their username and password.

We've upgraded your connection to SendGrid to work with their latest API version. If you have a SendGrid account, we'll now connect using an API key instead of the old username/password. 


There you have it, THE Quarter 3 updates. Are you ready to jump into the upgrades? Search the Knowledgebase to learn how to used these new and enhanced features. If there's something in the list missing from your program, it may be time to UPGRADE!  Give your sales representative a call if you'd like to learn more about advanced editions of Envision Cloud. 
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