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We discussed the basic enhancements and upgrades made to online booking, but we didn't get too technical about the new tracking ability. The online booking page now allows you to add your Google Analytics ID by going to the company settings. Additionally, as we stated in a previous post, the enhancements to the online booking allow you to track user visits and users who have completed a booking on that visit. The online booking process on Envision Cloud is its own tracking, separate from Google Analytics. Envision Cloud's personalized reports and data are connected to your booked appointments to pull important statistics about clients online booking. Read below for more information about online booking statistics and start a seamless booking process for your clients AND your business. 

Enter your Google Analytics ID by going to Company Settings > Online Booking > General Options. 



Learn how to view your Online Booking Statistics Report in the Appointment Report menu. 

New report alert! It’s an old saying, but it’s still so true… “What gets measured, gets improved.” Now you can track and measure how many people are clicking your online booking button and completing the booking process.

View the Online Booking Statistics report under Reports > Appointment Reports > Online Booking Statistics.

Select the date range you want to view, and voila! 

Here's the step by step breakdown:  

1. First, hover over the Reports tab and click Appointment Reports. 


2. Then you'll see the Appointment Reports screen. On the left-hand side of the screen, there is a Reports list. The last report on the list is Online Booking Statistics. Click Online Booking Statistics. You can choose the date range which can gauge the days, weeks, months or even years that are the busiest and the least busy. 


3. When you've selected the appropriate date range, then click the magnifier glass in the upper left-hand corner next to Preview. 


 4. Here is an example of a full report. 



The report breaks down the appointments of a certain date and then totals the number of bookings started, completed, and abandoned by clients. The report can help determine whether you should change a no-show policy, cancellation policy, or other booking policies you have in place. 

Eager to view your online booking statistics? Learn more about online booking statistics by visiting the Reports page on Envision Cloud. 

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