MedSpa: Setting a Default Treatment Point Color

Check out the NEWEST Update for Envision Cloud Med Spa, the treatment point color! Don’t you think color coordination makes everything look more organized? We sure do! Update each service offered at your Med Spa with a treatment point color in the Service Details tab in Cloud. Head over to your Med Spa Cloud Account now and start color coordinating with the newest feature enhancement. 

Ready? Setting a default treatment point color can make selecting services easier and also make it easier to look at a treatment screen from a glance. It's a nice visual for doctors and nurses. 

Follow the steps below: 

Step 1. Go to Inventory Tab

Log in > Click in Inventory Tab > Service List



Step 2. Click on one of your services 

In the middle of the screen, there is a treatment point color option. 





Step 3. Colors! We love colors. 

And, the final product:


Need more help figuring out the default treatment point color? Contact one of our experts at 407-253-0913 or submit a suggestion on our community page here. 

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