Online Booking Enhancements Offer a Better Experience for Your Clients and Your Business

It’s 2019, booking appointments online is one of the hypes of technology. One of the reasons we can’t live without our iPhones is because we wouldn’t be able to access and operate daily activities from the comfort of our home or even on the go. For this reason, more and more salon and spas are taking advantage of mobile accessibility and online booking, to make scheduling easier on their clients and themselves! And so are we! Offer a seamless booking process so your clients can easily see when their perfect spot is available.

Read below to learn how to activate online booking. 

Here's how to activate the online booking enhancements right now: 

1. To enable enhancements with online booking, you'll need to log into Cloud under the Manager Account. At the top of the page, there is the Menu drop-down menu. Hover over the menu icon and click the first option, Company Settings. 


2. The Company Settings Screen will show you multiple options to choose from. For online booking, click the online booking tab. Then, you'll see under General Options there are different boxes to highlight. 


3. You can choose from the following boxes:

These options determine your client's experience when booking online as well as, options to make online booking easier on your staff. 

  • Enable online booking 
  • Send email to an employee after appointment booked 
  • Send email to the salon after appointment booked 
  • Hide service prices 
  • Override calendar settings and use the employee work schedule for online booking 
  • Request Only (will NOT book into schedule automatically) 
  • Only allow booking on the hour 
  • Disable new client registrations 
  • Disable first available employee 
  • Disable first available male/female

This is an example of what your clients would see when booking online (mobile).



4. After you've picked the appropriate options for your clients, there are more options below. You can decide the amount of time before an appointment when cancellation will NOT be allowed. This window can help eliminate no-shows. You might want to put in 2 hours, so your employees have time to replace the cancellation with another client. 

5. One of the newest enhancements we added to the online booking features is the display full week. Now, you can choose whether appointments are formatted by a single day or a full week. A single day can be beneficial for a holiday or if your salon is closing early one day. A full week can be helpful to give clients more options and availability. 


6. Our FAVORITE feature about the online booking upgrades is the Google Analytics Id. By entering your google analytics ID, you can track online booked appointments. 



7. The last three options are for external links. The first one is for your business' email address to receive notifications about when an appointment has been booked online. 

NOTE: The Online Booking URL CANNOT be changed later. Once you set the URL you will not be able to change it, so be careful with the URL you decide. 

8. The last 2 are external links to your social media accounts as in Facebook and Twitter. These links provide an easy and convenient way for clients to book an appointment with you from your website or Facebook business page.

  • There is also a note field on the final page of online booking, for your customers to add specifics to their request. This will appear in the email to the business and on the appointment.



(this is how it will look for clients booking on their desktop or laptop).

Want to learn more? Stay tuned for more updates and upgrades for online booking on Envision Cloud. These are just a few of the extra enhancements that can make running your business easier for you and your clients. 

Read more about online booking by visiting our blog here.


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