Team Goals Setup

Employee Teams and Team Goals are included in the Ultimate edition of Envision Cloud. You can upgrade your account on the Account Subscription page.

After employee teams have been created in Envision Cloud, you may create team goal plans to assign to members of a team. Team goals are used to track appointments that groups of employees have performed and sales that members of the group have made.

To enter the Team Goal list, hover over Employees on the menu bar, hover over Employee Options, and select Team Goals from the drop-down.




Goal Name

Enter a name for your goal. If you will have several goal plans, be as descriptive as possible. For example, "Stylist Level 1" or "Esthetic Level 3".

Total Client

Enter a number of clients for this provider to service.

Prebook Percentage

Enter the goal percentage of prebooks for this provider.

Total Number of Services

Enter a number of services for this provider to complete.

Gift Cards Sold

The number of gift cards sold per team. 

Retail Dollars per Client

Enter a goal amount of the average retail dollars spent per client.

Service and Appointment Type Goals

Service provider and Educator types will have additional goal entry fields for appointment types and service types.

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