Sales Reports - Sales by Employee

This report shows information about inventory items sold to clients in the program, grouped by employee.

Options Include:

  • Detail or Summary
  • Date Range Selection
  • Option to Show Graph
  • Inventory Type Selection
  • Column Selection
  • Sort Options
  • Company Selection (For multi-location businesses)
  • Show Only Retail, Only Backbar or All
  • All or Single Client
  • Client Filter
  • All or Single Lead Source
  • All or Single Employee
  • All or Single Employee Department
  • All or Single Item
  • All or Single Inventory Department
  • All or Single Inventory Class
  • All or Single Vendor
  • All or Single Manufacturer

This report displays the following information:

  • Employee
  • Client (Detail)
  • Employee ID (Detail)
  • Inventory ID (Detail)
  • Inventory Type (Detail)
  • Ticket Number (Detail)
  • Quantity
  • Price (Detail)
  • Price Total
  • Cost (Detail)
  • Cost Total

Report Examples:




Detailed Report

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