Package List

The Package List allows you to enter all the prepaid and single-day packages that your business offers. When entering a new item, you will fill out all the information on the first screen. The blank fields shown above columns allow the user to search and quickly locate a record from a large list.

To open the Package List, hover over Inventory in the Tool Bar of Envision Cloud and select Package List from the drop-down menu. Double-click one of the items or click once to select and choose to Edit Selected Package to open the item record.


Add a New Package


Item Id 

Enter the Service or Retail Item ID number here. 


Create a title for your package/service package.

Primary Barcode

This is the barcode of the package or service or items. 


You might want to sell a package specifically for hair, nails, massages, etc. Determine the department here. 


Select the class the package belongs to. 

Prepaid expires ____ days after sale

Set how many days until a prepaid expires. 


Select this box if the package is still active. 

Show in Sales Register Buttons

Select this box if you want the package to be available in the sales register. You can find this in the Item Id drop-down menu. 


No Discounts Allowed

Select this box is discounts are not allowed on this package. 

No Coupons Allowed

Select this box if coupons will not be eligible for this package. 

No Manual Price Changes Allowed

For some packages, you might want to make a package a fixed price then select this box for no manual price changes allowed. 

Series (Prepaid Items)

For certain packages, you can create a package into a series meaning prepaid items in a client's sales history. Once you sell the package and select this box it will show up in the Client's Profile under the Prepaids tab.

You might NOT want to use this option if you wanted to sell two separate services as a package at a discounted item.

With the series prepaid items, they can use them over time. 


Click the drop-down menu and choose the items you would like to include in the package. Then click Add. 


Choose the quantity of a service/item. 


This is the retail price of the individual service.

Unit Price

This is the unit price of the individual service.


This is the price of the entire package. 

Use Commission Override

Select this box if you want to enable commission override for this package. 

Commission Amount

This will be the commission amount made on the package if you choose the commission override. 


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