Package List

The Package List allows you to enter all the prepaid and single-day packages that your business offers. When entering a new item, you will fill out all the information on the first screen. The blank fields shown above columns allow the user to search and quickly locate a record from a large list.

To open the Package List, hover over Inventory in the Tool Bar of Envision Cloud and select Package List from the drop-down menu. Double-click one of the items or click once to select and choose to Edit Selected Package to open the item record.


Show Inactive Packages

By default, inactive packages are hidden from the Package list. But if you would like to see inactive packages, you can view them by simply clicking the "Show Inactive Services" on the menu list. 


Merge Selected Package

Service Packages can now be merged. The package selected will be merged into the secondary package selected. The merge will erase the existing package's record from the system, sales history, reports, appointments, etc. Note that duplicate services, when merging from one package to another, will not display twice in the (merged into) package. Any services not duplicated in both packages will be added to the newly merged into package. This feature can be used to cut down on duplicate packages or bring similar packages into one.  

Package 1: Has service A, B, and C

Package 2: Has service A, B, and D

Merge Package 1 into Package 2

Package 2: Now contains Service A, B, C, and D

A merge cannot be undone. A new action has been added to the audit log to show when a package was merged.  I.e. “Package A was merged into Package B.” 


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