Security Profiles

This powerful but easy-to-use feature of the program allows you to create security profiles that have limited access. Security Profiles are then assigned to employees either on the Account Subscription page or in the employee profile. Each security profile contains detailed information about what program features are accessible.

You can create a Profile that allows unlimited access to all program features or one that restricts the user to very few features. You might want to consider using descriptive names for these profiles, such as Manager for nearly unlimited access, Owner for totally unlimited access, and Front Desk or Employees for limited access.

To create and edit Security Profiles, click on Employees on the Tool Bar, hover over Employee Options, and select Security Profiles from the drop-down.


Security profiles set levels of access for the Envision Cloud program. Choosing what is or is not allowed to be accessed by employees assigned to the levels you create is highly customizable. At least one profile must have access to the security profile window or the system will default to allow this access.



Profile Name

Enter a name in the field at the top of this screen that best describes the type of employee that will be assigned this profile.

Feature Tabs

Each tab has a list of functions and menus relating to the category of the tab.

Check or Uncheck Menu Access

The list of options allows you to give access to individual menu selections in the program or grant functionality privileges.

Place a checkmark next to every item you wish members of this group to have access to. Remove the checkmark next to any item you wish to remove access to or disable functionality for.

Check All / Uncheck All

Choosing these options will check or uncheck all options on this page.


Security Profile Tips:

  • When using the "Only Allow Logging In From Selected IPs" option is selected, at least one IP address must be entered in the selection in the Company Settings.
  • Under the Schedule tab, there are two dropdowns which set whether and where an employee can view appointments. This is an important setting for many businesses!



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