Send SMS To Employees

You can send SMS text messages to staff! Hover over Employees and then click Send SMS to Employees from the dropdown. 

Two-way SMS text messaging is available as an add-on to Envision Cloud. You can add this feature to your account on the Account Management Subscription Page.



Select Department

Select an employee department to send a message. You may leave this blank to send a message to all employees in all departments.

Character Count

The number of characters (letters and spaces) will display here. This number will adjust as text is entered in the text box.

Important Note: The program allows up to 300 characters in a text message. Any text messages over 150 characters will send as 2 messages. Using merge fields may change the character count.

Message Text Box

Enter the text of the SMS message to be sent. Any message over 150 characters will send as two messages.

First Name / Last Name Buttons

You may use these buttons to enter a merge field into the SMS text message. This will enter a placeholder such as {FirstName}, which will fill with the selected field per message when they are sent.

Send Button

Select this button to send the entered message to the selected employees.

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