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Update My Records is available as an add-on and included in the Medspa edition of Envision Cloud. To upgrade, please contact our Sales Team at 800.231.9445 or

Patient forms can be opened from within Envision Cloud once the information is entered in the Interface section. Hover over Clients on the menu bar, hover over Medical Options, then select Update My Records Forms. This will open a list of forms that have been sent to clients.



To send forms to a client, select to Send Forms. To view forms that the client has completed, select the View button.


Sending Forms To A Client

When selecting to send forms to a client, the following pop-up screen will show. On this screen, you will need to choose the ID of the client to send forms and the Form Package you wish to send. You may also use this option to allow clients to fill out forms immediately.



Click on the forms you want to send in the "Available Form Packs" column to move them over to the "Form Packs to Send"


Click Email to send the form package to the selected client.

The client will receive an email containing a link to the webpage to allow them to fill out their forms. The page will show each form to be completed, as shown below.


Clicking over a form link will open the form on the website. The client will be able to enter information directly onto the page and submit.


Fill Out Forms Immediately

To open patient forms in-house, select to send forms from the Update My Records Forms screen or "Send Form Pack" from the appointment schedule. The following pop-up screen will show. On this screen, you will need to choose the ID of the client and the Form Packs you wish to have them complete. Choose the Fill Out Now button. This will log you out of the Envision Cloud program, and log the client into to fill out their forms.


Alternatively, you may access the forms by opening, then log in using the client's email address as the login and the patient access code as the password. The patient access code is shown in the upper right of the Online Patient Forms Manager screen once a form has been sent.



View Completed Forms

Once a form has been completed and submitted by a client, this will reflect on the Online Patient Forms Manager screen in Envision Cloud. Incomplete forms will show as pending and not be available to download or view. Selecting the view button for a form will open a view of the completed form.



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