Medical Options - SOAP Fields List

The treatment screen is available in the Medspa version of Envision Cloud. To upgrade, please contact our Sales Team at 800.231.9445 or

To open the SOAP Fields List, hover over Clients on the menu bar, hover over Medical Options, and click on the SOAP Fields List. Add, edit, or delete custom SOAP note fields from this list. Each option entered displays as a checkbox on the treatment screen. SOAP notes are added to a client's record during treatments.



When choosing to add a custom SOAP note field, you will be able to select the category section to show under. This will show the information entered here as a checkbox to choose when entering treatments. 



You can also mark the custom SOAP field as active or inactive. This will allow you to hide fields you no longer use or need, while still keeping accurate records. 

Available Groups / Assigned Groups

The Available Group and Assigned Groups is to help make adding items easier to the SOAP tabs. You can assign certain groups and see them automatically for a field name. Move an available group to the right to Assign, and to the left to un-assign. 



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