Treatment List

The treatment program list is available in the Medspa version of Envision Cloud. To upgrade, please contact our Sales Team at 800.231.9445 or

To open the Treatment List, hover over Clients on the menu bar, and click on the Treatment List. A list of treatments that have been entered will show in this list.

Double-click over a record to open it for viewing. You may add new treatment records from the treatment screen on the Appointment Calendar screen by right-clicking over an appointment.


View All

Choose this at the top to View All Treatments. 

Missing Nurse/Doctor Signature

Choose this option to filter treatments that are missing Nurse/Doctor signature. 

Treatment #

This is where you'll see treatments numbered by most recent to least recent. In the example above you'll see the most recent is #24. The next treatment will be #25 and increase from there. 


The client's name will show up under this column to make it easy to determine the treatment. 

Employee Name

You'll see the employee's name in charge of giving the treatment in this column. 


The service given to the client can be found here. 


The date and time will be displayed here.

Nurse Signature 

Some treatments don't need a nurse's signature, but some do - here is where you'll find if a treatment has been signed by a nurse or not. 

Doctor Signature

Some treatments don't need a doctor's signature, but some do - here is where you'll find if a treatment has been signed by a doctor or not.


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