Client Record - Demographics

This is the main record of each client's information in your program. Entering and maintaining accurate information is important to your business.



Client Name

These are standard fields. We recommend always inputting both the first and last name.


If a client no longer visits your business you are able to set them as inactive. Once they are inactive they will no longer show up on the appointment calendar to book or the point of sale to check out, but they will show up on reports. You can reactivate a client at any time.

Phone Number Fields

The phone number fields are optional information. However, if you wish to take advantage of SMS appointment reminders, then you will need to enter a mobile phone number.

Important Note: You must be signed up for the SMS feature in order to utilize the two-way SMS appointment reminders. SMS Text Messaging is available as an add-on to Envision Cloud. You can update your account on the Account Management Subscription Page.

Send SMS Button / Mobile Provider Selection

The Send SMS button will show if you are using two-way SMS text messaging in Envision Cloud. Clicking to Send SMS will open a screen to show SMS text messages sent to and received from this client.

The Mobile Provider selection will show if you do not have a two-way SMS messaging account in Envision Cloud. Entering the client's cell phone number and choosing their provider here will allow appointment reminders to send to the client's mobile phone as a text message.


  • With two-way SMS text message enabled (SMS button available).



  • Without SMS enabled. 




Email fields are not required by the system but it is recommended to always capture them for appointment confirmations as well as marketing.

Address Fields

The address fields are standard address information. It is recommended that you capture this information for every client.

Emergency Contact

Enter the client's emergency point-of-contact information in the provided fields.

Popup Note

Enter any notes for this client that you wish to open when booking. This feature will need to be enabled in the Company settings.


Edit CC On File

Choose this option to enter or update a client's credit card information held on file.

Saving credit cards on file is available in the Preferred edition of the Envision program. You can upgrade your account on the Account Subscription page.




This field allow you to collect a clients birth date information for use in marketing and reporting.

Client Type

Client Type is an optional classification system for your clients. Some examples of common Client Types would include Seasonal or Family.

Lead Source

Lead Source gives you the ability to track where your new clients are coming from. It is recommended to always use this field to help assist with marketing.

Referred By

If the client was referred to your business, the name of the person who made the referral can be selected here. You can also enter this when adding a client from the Calendar or Sales Register. This is especially important to enter if your business uses a loyalty program to award points for referrals made.

Loyalty Program

Select a Loyalty Program for the client if you have setup a program to reward clients for purchases or referrals.

Discount Plan

Select a discount plan for the client if you offer a repeat discount for each sale.

Parent Account

Link the client account that is the "parent" of this account. 

Preferred Location

This option is relevant if your business has multiple locations. Select your client's "home" location here.

Card ID

Enter the card number for this client, if cards are issued.


Select the client's gender from the drop-down selection box.

Initial Visit

This is a read-only field that shows when the client first had a sale at your business.

Created On

This is a read-only field that will display the date that the client record was created.

Loyalty Points

This is a read-only field that will show the client's current loyalty point balance. Loyalty points are awarded by enrollment in Loyalty Programs.

Account Balance

If the client has a credit or owes money on their account, the amount will show here. Amounts that are owed to the business will show in red and credit will show in green.

Client accounts are a feature available in the Preferred edition of the Envision program. You can upgrade your account on the Account Subscription page.

balance_due_small.JPG  credit_on_file_small.JPG


Unsubscribe from marketing emails

Selecting this checkbox will remove the client from receiving email marketing campaigns.

Unsubscribe from SMS marketing

Selecting this checkbox will remove the client from receiving SMS marketing campaigns.

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