Processing With Saved Credit Card Information

Membership Programs are available in the Preferred edition of the Envision program. You can upgrade your account on the Account Subscription page.

Credit Card integration is available as an add-on to Envision Cloud. You can update your account on the Account Management Subscription Page. For more information, contact our sales department at 800-231-9445.


Memberships allow you to save client credit card information into their profile for recurring billing. The credit card held on file can also be used at the Sales Register* when purchasing items from the business.

  1. Click on the Sales Register button on the Tool Bar of Envision.

  2. At the top of the Sales Register screen, select the client who holds the membership and will be purchasing items.

  3. Add any items that the client would like to purchase.

  4. Select the credit card payment type.

  5. Click the Add Payment button. This will open the credit card information screen.


6. Choose the CC on File button. This will fill in the credit card information from the client's profile to allow usage.

7. Choose the Process button to process the card information.

8. Completing these steps will return you to the payment screen. From here, you can complete the transaction.

*- If the business is using EMV processing, you will need to set a non-front-desk computer up to be able to process card on file. This setting can be found in the Company Settings, and should only be selected on a computer that will not process using an EMV credit card device.

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