Mobile Processing With A Non-EMV Device

You can process credit cards with Envision Cloud on most smart mobile devices if you have integrated processing. You must download the Envision Cloud Companion App in order to process credit cards on a non-EMV mobile device. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices. Your user-name and password to log into the app is the same as your information used to access the Cloud.

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Transactions Steps

1. Through the web browser of your mobile device, log into the Cloud and create the desired transaction.

2. Click 'Take Payment'.


3. When you add a credit card payment type, you will be asked if you would like to use the mobile app. Select this option.


4. Swipe the card.


5. You will see a prompt with an approval code. Select OK.


6. Have your client sign their transaction.


7. You'll see a prompt confirming that the payment is processed.


8. Return to the mobile device web browser to complete the transaction (cash out the ticket).

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  • Who carries said device? PayRoc didn't offer one that will work for a tablet or mobile device that is compatible with Envision Cloud Software. COVID 19 has affected businesses. I need to do mobile or tablet based cash out capability that will lessen touch points in our salon to keep guests safer, as well as the reception staff.
    we open in less than a week, I am looking to get EMV device and then buying either tablets or cell phones that would work best for EMV device, but the sales guy from PayRoc said the blue tooth one that is available (which would be perfect) in not compatible with Envision Cloud Software. I am puzzled and disappointed.

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