Gift Card List

This feature allows you to manually enter a gift certificate as well as make changes to gift certificates if needed. You may also look up information about the usage of a gift certificate. Gift certificates will automatically deactivate when the balance is depleted to zero.

To enter the Gift Card List, click on Sales in the Tool Bar of Envision Cloud and select Gift Card List from the drop down menu.

Important Note: While you can add and edit gift cards manually through the Gift Card List screen it is recommended to sell gift cards in the point of sale so that you have a financial record of each change made.



Add / Edit Gift Card



Gift Card Number

The gift card number is used for looking up a specific gift card. The gift card number can contain both letters and numbers and can be up to 32 characters long. If the gift card number is less than 32 characters long then the system will automatically add leading zeroes. The leading zeroes do not need to be used when searching for a gift card.

Sold On

The Sold On date is the recorded date of sale for the gift card.

Expires On

You can manually choose the expiration date as you wish, however, you can also add a default number of days in the Company Settings. There is a default expiration date of 5 years (1,825 days) for all gift cards.   Go to company settings, adjust the default # of days for when certificates should expire.

If someone does (sadly) use an expired gift card the card will not be found in the POS system when you go to redeem. However, the gift card will still be present in the Gift Cards list, but under EXPIRED.

Original Amount

The Original Amount field is the gift card value when the card was sold.

Amount Used

The Amount Used field is the total amount redeemed for a particular gift card.

Amount Remaining

The Amount Remaining is a reference field that indicates how much value is left on a card.


The Employee field indicates the employee who was credited as selling the gift card.

Purchased For

The Purchased For field is used when a gift card is bought as a gift.


Add any notes you want to remember about a specific gift card in this section.


Redemption History



This area will show redemption information if this gift certificate has been used in the sales register.

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