On Hold Tickets


This button allows you to store the ticket with the client's name for later completion and clear the POS terminal.


To restore tickets that you have placed on hold, click the "On Hold Tickets" button and a screen will appear with a list of tickets on hold. On hold tickets are not cashed out and not considered complete. You can select a ticket and use the "Restore" button to restore it into the POS screen to complete the cash out process.

*You will need to enable this in the Company Settings > Pos Options > General POS Options > warn if client has tickets on hold.* 



On Hold Tickets are searchable by ticket number, customer, and cashier. When there is more than one ticket on hold, you may combine multiple tickets for a single transaction. Select the "Combine" checkbox for the tickets you wish to combine and click the "Combine" button to the lower left of the on hold box.

You may also print a quote from the tickets on hold. Simply select the Quote button for the ticket you wish to print as a quote.

Quotes are available in the Medspa version of Envision Cloud. To upgrade, please contact our Sales Team at 800.231.9445 or sales@ennoview.com.


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