Standing Appointments

Standing Appointments are appointments that a client schedules in advance if they know that they will be coming in to have the same service done frequently. For example, a client may come in every other week to for a manicure, or every 6 weeks for a haircut. Instead of scheduling each appointment individually, you can book a standing appointment once and the program will schedule each appointment for you.

Add a Standing Appointment

Right-click over an appointment and select to "Make Standing". The following window will appear. Fill out the desired options and select "Create Standing".




You will get a confirmation window stating that the appointments have been made, and the appointment will appear on the calendar with an icon that indicates that this is a standing appointment.


If dates fail to book when creating a standing appointment, Envision Cloud will now provide details on which dates failed to book. Standing appointments usually fail to book when a slot is full, an employee is not scheduled to work, or the business is closed. 


Block times may also be entered as standing, creating repeating times that employees are unavailable for booking, like lunches or regular absences.

Right-click over a block time and select to "Make Standing". The following window will appear. Fill out the desired options and select "Create Standing".



Edit Standing Appointments

To change an appointment that is part of a recurrence, you may change a single appointment by normal methods, like drag-n-drop. The changes will affect only the appointment you are editing.

Delete Standing Appointments

To delete a standing appointment, double-click on one of the standing appointments to open, then choose to Edit the Recurrence. You may then select if you wish to cancel all standing appointments from that date forward.


Manage Standing Appointments 

The Manage Standing Appointments screen is available in the Ultimate edition of Envision Cloud. To upgrade, please contact our Sales Team at 800.231.9445 or

The "Manage Standing Appointments" menu shows all the Standing Appointment series in one screen and allows for you to Add, Edit or Cancel from this menu. It will only show the current Standing Series and any series of Standing Appointments that ended in the past will not show on this menu. The "Allow Double Booking Option" when Adding a Standing Appointment will be selected based on the Company Settings. For MedSpa Accounts, if a service has a resource group and secondary resource group -  they will auto-fill when creating a standing appointment. 


By clicking the pencil icon under the View column, you can view all remaining appointments in the standing appointment series.



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