Confirmation Options

There are several options when choosing to confirm appointments. Hover or click once over Confirmation Options to access this menu.



Confirmation Sent

Manually choosing this option will display the selection on the appointment.

Called / Left Voice Mail

Manually select this option if making confirmation calls and a message has been left for the appointment.

Send SMS / Email Confirmation

Selecting one of these options will send the chosen confirmation type to the client. The business and client profiles will require the corresponding information (email address or mobile phone number) in order to send.

Automated confirmations may also be enabled for the program. Once enabled, the confirmations will send without any need to right-click and select an option here.

You must be signed up for an SMS account to send 2-way SMS confirmations. For more information, visit the Account Management Subscription Page.


Mark Appointment Confirmed

Manually choosing this option will display the selection of the appointment. If a confirmation is sent to the client for the appointment and the client confirms. the icon on the appointment will change to this.

Client Running Late

Select this option to show at a glance that the client has reached out and is running late, but will be coming in. If it is past the appointment time when this option is chosen, the appointment will not show as a No Show appointment.

Undo Confirm

Allows for removal of the manual confirmation.

Undo Check In / Servicing

Choose this option if you have accidentally checked-in or selected that the client's service has begun.

Send SMS* Employee Checkin Notice

(*Ultimate Edition required for Employee text messages)

Choose this option to send an SMS message to your Employee notifying them about their client check-in. 


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