Adding Tasks

Tasks are available with the Preferred & Ultimate editions of Envision Cloud. To upgrade, please contact our Sales Team at 800.231.9445 or


Selecting to add a new task or edit an existing task will open a screen similar to the one shown here.



Steps to Add a Task

  1. Enter a task name, location, start date, and due date.

  2. Select "Alert On Login/Clockin" if you want the employee to receive a popup when they log into or clock in on Envision Cloud. The pop-up will look similar to the one shown below.


  1. Select the task status.

  2. Select the category you wish to assign to this task.

  3. Set the priority level for the task.

  4. Choose the specific employee, specific employee department, or select 'anyone' to assign the task. If you have Paid SMS and select a specific employee, the employee can be notified of the task via SMS using the "Send SMS" button. 

  5. If a specific client is referenced by the task, select them from the drop-down selection. The client can then be edited from the Task List, if selected. 

  6. Enter any task detail information for the employee who will be performing the task.
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