Task List

Tasks and the Task List are available in the Preferred & Ultimate editions of the Envision program. To upgrade, please contact our Sales Team at 800.231.9445 or sales@ennoview.com.

The task list can be accessed by selecting the Task button in the upper right of Envision Cloud.


Selecting this option will open a list of tasks. Tasks may be viewed, marked as completed, or new tasks may be added from this screen.


Show All Employees

Select the All Employees option to view tasks for all employees, or leave unchecked to view tasks for just the employee that is logged in.

Show Completed Tasks

Check this box to display both incomplete and completed tasks.

Show Future Tasks

Check this box to display tasks with a future start date in addition to the default list, which shows tasks with a past or current start date.

Show From Locations

Select the All Locations option to view tasks for all company locations, or choose a single location to view tasks for just that location. This option is only available for businesses with multiple locations.


Selecting to close a task will open a box to allow completion notes to be entered. These notes are viewable after the task has been closed.


Double-click to edit a task if you wish to make changes to the task.


Task priority is selected when the task is created. This may be changed if the task is edited.

Assigned To

The selected employee, employee department or 'anyone' will show for tasks assigned to them.


The status may be assigned when creating or editing tasks. Task statuses are created in the task status list.


The category that was assigned when the task was created will show. Task categories are created in the task category list.

Start Date / Due Date

The dates selected when the task was created will show here.

Task Details

Details entered for the task will show here. This area may not show all of the details entered if it is long.


A client may be selected for relevant tasks and will show here if chosen as the customer.


You have the option to edit a client from the Task List using the icon with the green plus sign. This option is helpful when the task pertains to updating a client's info in Envision Cloud.



The company that the task was created in will show here unless the task was created for all locations. (Multi-location only)

Complete Date

The date that the task was completed will be displayed here if completed tasks have been selected for view.

Completed Box

This box will show checked for completed tasks when they have been selected for view.

Created By

The employee who created a task in the list will show here.

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