Membership Options


The Membership feature is available with the Preferred level of Envision Cloud. You can update your account on the Account Management Subscription Page.


Memberships allow you to sell items at a discounted amount over a period of time and are a great way of generating recurring revenue. Your clients will not need to pay for an entire series of items in advance, they can pay for items monthly or however often you choose to bill the client. This is also guaranteed revenue that you will receive each billing cycle, whether the client redeems their items or not.

IMPORTANT: Membership programs should be reviewed and verified up to date prior to select this option. Failure to verify membership information before selecting this option can result in erroneous charges.


Enable Automatic Membership Billing

Check this box to have Envision Cloud automatically run the membership renewal billing.

Email Daily Membership Billing Summary Report

Check this box to email the Membership Billing History Report to the email addresses as entered below.

Email List

Enter the email addresses you wish the Membership Billing History Report to be sent to, if the box above is checked.

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