Online Booking

Online Booking 

General Options



Enable Online Booking

Check this box to enable booking online by clients.

Hide Service Prices

Select this option to not display service pricing on the online booking page.

Disable new client registrations

Check this box to only allow clients with an email address on file to book appointments.

Google Analytics ID

By entering your google analytics ID, you can track online booked appointments. 

Look at your online booking statistics in the reports tab here.

Employee Name Format

This is how your employee's names will be formatted on the online booking screen when a client books an appointment. 


Online Booking URL

Input the desired URL (website link) name for your business.

Important Note: Once you submit a URL name, you CANNOT change it later. Please verify the spelling of your selected URL name before registering your URL.

Contact Options


Send email to employee/salon after appointment booked

Select from these options if you would like an email to be sent to the employee booked or the business when an appointment is booked online.

Link to your company Facebook/ Twitter page

Input your company Facebook and Twitter page links and the corresponding image will show and be linked on your online booking web page.


Email address for online booking notices

By default, the email address that is displayed on your web page for clients to contact is the email used under the General tab in the Company Settings. If you wish to have an alternate email display on your page, enter it into this field.

Booking Options 


Request Only

Select this option if you want the booking page to function as a booking request system. This will disable the real-time booking, and not show any requested appointments on the appointment calendar. An email will be generated and sent to the business's email address to alert you of the requested appointments.

Override Calendar Settings and Use The Employee Work Schedule For Online Booking

This option forces clients booking appointments online to use the employee work schedule when looking for availability. This option is useful if you want your employees to be able to book appointments during their off-hours, but you don't want clients to be able to do so.

Only allow booking on the hour

Choosing this option will only allow appointments to be booked on the whole hour (9:00 am, 12:00 pm, etc.)

Disable first available employee/Disable first available male/female

Check this box if it DOES matter which employee is the first available for online booking. If you have a certain rotation for booking or routine, then this box is helpful. 

Store credit card on file before completing booking

Check this box to require a client to enter a credit card to book appointments online. Cards are now pre-authorized for $1 when a client puts a credit card on file for online bookingto ensure the card is valid and has an available balance. 

Important Note: This option does not apply if the appointment is made with Reserve with Google. If a client is able to book an appointment without providing a card and you have the store credit card feature enabled, ensure Reserve with Google is not enabled as it does not require a card to be saved on file upon booking. 

Holding Credit Cards on File is available in the Preferred & Ultimate versions of Envision Cloud and requires integrated credit card processing. To upgrade, please contact our Sales Team at 800.231.9445 or

Opt Out of 'Reserve With Google' Bookings 

Check this box to not allow clients to reserve directly from your business's Google information page.

Deposit Method

This is where you can choose whether to require a deposit for an appointment. If you choose to require a deposit, you can either require a flat amount or percentage of the service booked.


Deposit Amount

If a deposit is required, you would either enter the dollar amount of the flat amount deposit or the percentage of the service for the deposit. 

Deposit in Online Booking is available in the Ultimate version of Envision Cloud and requires integrated credit card processing.To upgrade, please contact our Sales Team at 800.231.9445 or


Hours Before Appointment Where Online Cancellation Is Not Allowed

Enter the number of hours prior to appointments that clients are able to cancel from Reserve with Google. For example, if 2 is entered here, clients will be able to cancel an appointment up until 2 hours prior to the appointment time. This also applies to online booking through the Custom Mobile App with Envision Cloud. 

Lead Hours before booking is allowed

Enter the number of hours after which clients may book appointments. For example, if 12 is entered into the field, then clients must choose appointment times that are 12 hours in advance of when they are submitting the booking. If left at 0, there will be no lead time and clients may book the very next open time slot.

Appointment Selection Format

This is where you can choose how you want clients to see your availability. You can either display the full week or a single day at a time. 


Custom Text

Booking Terms 

Booking terms can now be set and can be required to be agreed to in order for clients to book online. This option allows your business to write and communicate terms to clients and require acceptance of these terms to finalize their online booking. The Terms Page is its own page in the online booking process after a date is selected. If this setting is enabled, the client ID, date, time, and IP address of the person accepting the terms will be recorded and saved in Envision Cloud. Clients will have to reaccept the terms every time they book an appointment online. Salon booking/gift card sites will have a link to “Terms and Conditions” so clients can review on future visits. Terms can also be printed from the client profile. 



Welcome Text

Here you can customize the text that will be displayed on your online booking web page.


Service List Custom Text

If you wish to not show a list of all services enabled for online booking, you may enter custom text here. To show all services enabled for online booking, leave this blank.


Booking Email

Customer Confirmation Email Subject

Enter a subject line for the email. It is recommended to include the company name.

Customer Confirmation Email Text

Enter the text for the body of the email. Using the Merge Fields dropdown selection to the right will allow the system to enter information specific to the booking client.


CC Terms

Enter the text of your CC terms. Clients will be able to read this upon booking an appointment. 


Privacy Policy 

 Enter the text of your privacy policy. Clients will be able to read this upon booking an appointment. 




Online booking integration options are used when you wish to integrate the functionality of booking appointments onto other sites like Facebook or your existing web site. You may also use options on this page to customize or update your MyDash information if subscribed.


Facebook App

Clicking this will guide you through the steps to enable your clients to book appointments directly from your company's Facebook page without ever having to leave Facebook.

MyDash Administration Panel

If you have signed up for the MyDash customer booking app, you will be able to customize the app options by selecting the provided link.

Integration for Existing Websites

The HTML code provided can be put into an existing site to allow iFrame integration for clients to book appointments online from your existing site.

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