Moving Appointments

There are multiple ways of moving an appointment in Envision Cloud. You can "drag n' drop" the appointment to the time slot that you would like to move the appointment to, you may Cut or Copy the appointment and then Paste it in the time slot that you would like to move the appointment to, or you may use the "Move Appointment" feature by right-clicking on top of the appointment.

Drag n' Dropping Appointments

  1. Click over the appointment, and

  2. Drag to the new time slot you wish the appointment to be moved.

Cut / Copy and Paste Appointment

  1. Right-click on top of the existing appointment, and

  2. Select "Cut and Copy Appointment". This will copy the appointment and remove the appointment from the Calendar.

  3. You will then need to go to the correct time slot in the Calendar that you would like to move the appointment to. The appointment will need to be pasted into the highlighted time slot. To make a time slot highlighted, left click on top of it. After highlighting the correct time slot, right-click on an empty time slot and select the "Paste Appointment" option.



Move Appointment

  1. Right-click over an existing appointment and

  2. Select the "Move Appointment" option.

  3. On the Move Appointment Screen, click the blue number button to move to the date that is the corresponding number of weeks from today. Or, click the small calendar shown to the right to select a date from a calendar pop-up.

  4. Choose or enter the time for the appointment to be moved.



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