Booking Appointments

The appointment calendar is one of the main pages for your business. This allows you to schedule appropriate times for the services you provide to avoid potentially long wait times for clients. This is also one of the main ways to enter clients as they schedule appointments.

  1. Hover over Schedule on the Menu Bar.

  2. Click Appointments to open the Appointment Calendar.

  3. Locate the day you wish to book by using the small calendar to the left of the appointment screen.

  4. Double-click the time slot under the Employee that you wish to book. This will open the booking screen.

You can also click Add a New Appointment in the Appointment Options Menu. 




  1. Enter the client name. If the client is not in your program, select the Add Client button and enter their information.

  2. Choose the requested service.

  3. Verify the Resource, Appointment Type, and Service Times.

  4. Enter any Notes for the appointment.

  5. Enter your initials in the Booked By field to the right.

  6. If you are finished with booking for this client, select to Book Appointment. If you wish to book another service directly after this one for the same client and employee, select Book & Continue.

The bottom menu has more options:


The additional tab is created if you want to add more time to a client's service/appointment. You can also add a note in the Notes section for any other information that might be necessary. 



The history tab is to show previous services, the date, and the employee who performed the service. This is helpful if a client says they want the same thing as last time. You can pull up the history quickly for them and book the same services with the same employee. 



The Prepaids tab is to show any prepaid services a client has remaining and their expiration date. You can easily navigate how many prepaids have been used, and the total. 


The Extras Tab

You can add any additional services or products that will be included in a client's appointment here. You can also create a custom price if necessary by entering it in the box.


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