Setup Security Profiles

This powerful but easy-to-use feature of the program allows you to create security profiles that  limit access to parts of the program. You can create a Profile that allows unlimited access to all program features or one that restricts the user to very few features.

You might want to consider using descriptive names for these profiles, such as Manager for nearly unlimited access, Owner for totally unlimited access, and Front Desk or Employees for limited access. Security Profiles are then assigned to employees in their employee profile.

To create and edit Security Profiles,

  1. Hover over Employees on the menu bar,
  2. Hover over Employee Options, and

  3. Select Security Profiles from the drop-down.

  4. Choose to Add a New Profile.

  5. Enter a name for the profile.


Unchecking an option will remove access to the relevant section in the program for employees assigned to this security level. Each tab holds different options for different parts of the program.

Security Profile Tips:

When in the security profile, there are options in the Schedule tab which control where and to what extent employees can access the appointment schedule. 



When using the "Only Allow Logging In From Selected IPs" option is selected, at least one IP address must be entered in the selection section within the Company Settings.

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