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Receipt Options



Optimize Receipts for Receipt Printer

Optimizes the print out information sent to the receipt printer to allow for cuts and formatting.

Print Service Provider on Receipt

Choosing this option will show the provider's first name on the receipt, next to the service performed.

Print Next Appointment on Receipt

Selecting this option will print each client's future appointment closest to today's date on their receipt.

Print Loyalty Points on Receipt

Choosing this option will display the client's loyalty point amount (at time of checkout) on their receipt. A loyalty program will need to be created and applied to the client.

Print Remaining GC Balance on Receipt

Choosing this option will display the remaining balance of gift cards or certificates used in the transaction on the receipt.

Print Remaining Prepaids on Receipt

Choosing this option will display the remaining prepaid services purchased on a client's account. 

Print Employee Service Totals on Receipt

Select this option to subtotal services by the provider.

Print Item Quantity on Receipt

Check the box to show the quantity of a purchased item on receipts.

Print Tax Per Item on Receipt 

Check this box to show the tax for each item on a receipt, so clients can see how each service or product is taxed. 

Line Item Receipt Text

Select from the drop-down box to print either the item ID or item description on receipts.

Receipt Message

Enter text here to customize the receipt.

Receipt Logo

You can upload an image to be printed on your receipts. Any image larger than 300 x 300 pixels will shrink to fit while maintaining its proportions.

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