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If you are coming from another software, you may have a list of items that you want to bring into the Envision program. Please contact our Sales Department at 800-231-9445 if you wish to provide lists of information.

If you wish to enter a generic list of services, you may use the General Service Importer tool. Access this tool by hovering over the Menu gear in the upper right of the screen, then choosing Company Settings. Select the General Options tab, then the General Service Importer button.


To enter new services into Envision, follow these steps:

  1. In the Toolbar, hover over Inventory.
  2. Choose "Add a New Service" in the options box on the left side of the screen.

  3. Fill in the fields with the Service information that you have available. Click here for more information about the entry fields available.

If any of the drop-down menus are blank, the lists will need to be created in order to choose the correct option here. Please see the Inventory Department List, Class List, Service Types and Resource List for more information.



Once you have finished inputting the service information, click "Save Record" in the Options section.


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