Setup Company Settings

These setup screens should be completed before you start using the program. They set the operation of nearly every screen in the program. The settings explained here are only the preferences most commonly used. For more information on all of the Settings, please refer to the "Company Settings" section for more details. These preferences will depend on how you run your business. All of the settings available in your Company Settings are optional. The settings suggested in this guide are only suggestions. It is completely up to you if you would like to turn these options on or off.

  1. Hover over the Menu gear in the upper right of Envision Cloud.

  2. Select "Company Settings" from the menu.

    On the "Company Info" Tab, enter your Company Information. Select your Timezone Information. Enter the days and hours of operation for your business.

  3. Select the "Tax Setup" tab.

    Set your tax rates by checking which items are taxable and entering the correct tax rates in the fields to the right. The tax rate should be entered as a whole number. For example, if your tax rate is 7%, this should be entered as "7.000". The "Rate 2" and "Rate 3" fields are for city or county taxes. Entering these types of taxes as individual tax rates will allow you to reports with these tax rates separated into their own totals. Click Save to the left.

  4. Select the "Schedule Options" tab.

    Check the follow options:
  • Available times are based on employee work schedule (if unchecked, everyone is available during business hours) under "Display Options" 
  • Use qualified services when booking appointments under "Booking Options"
  • Stretch columns to fit schedule under "Display Options" 
  • Allow booking in shop closed / employee off times (if you wish to allow). under "Booking Options"

     5. As an optional step, you can set up your Online Booking and Appointment Reminder Settings.

 Select "Save Settings" in the Options box when done.

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